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Interface Children Family Services - Strengthening our Children, Families and Communities to be Safe, Healthy and Thriving. Interface . Attorney General Lisa Madigan works with law enforcement agencies and state’s attorneys to ensure that our communities are safe places to.

Healthy Relationships (Shelter from the Storm - Youth Advisory Council)
From attending medical conferences on IPV to researching legal policies to incorporating educational best practices in our PeaceWorks programming, we are working to provide information that will best serve our clients, our partners and the communities we serve… Read more Advocacy DVCC advocates for victims of domestic violence in many ways, from providing direct support for individuals to promoting systemic changes in the way our courts and medical communities respond to victims to partnering with other entities to provide a better and more informed response to victims. School administrators, faculty, and law enforcement should move quickly if there is an indication of a potential school shooting, because the amount of time spent planning can be very short. Through the Safe Haven program, clients receive individual and group counseling all participants work closely with case managers to achieve safety and self-sufficiency goals. Bullying in schools, while not always a factor in attacks, should be prevented by adults. Advocates also assist with the follow-up advocacy including, but not limited to, restraining order assistance and court accompaniment.

Family Violence Intervention Services

Through offering our own classes and workshops and partnering with community agencies, we continually find ways to educate and empower our clients Children participate in special groups with an intern therapist or qualified domestic violence counselors, who engage them in positive social development and therapeutic expressive arts activities. Support Group for Women Interface offers weekly, confidential support groups for victims of domestic violence. Adults should be aware of student attempts to acquire weapons, and parents should restrict access to weapons in the home, such as by removing guns or keeping them securely locked where a teen cannot access them.

Interface believes that no one ever deserves to be abused, especially within the context of an intimate relationship, and that all individuals should have the opportunity to exercise their right to define their personal relationships and spaces as violence-free zones. Includes supportive services such as case management, counseling, restraining order assistance and advocacy. Students and peers are often the ones who known about a potential attack, so they should be encouraged to be part of the prevention process. The loss could be one of status, relationship, job, or health of the attacker or a loved one. Read more Education Advocacy The DVCC looks for every opportunity to provide victims of domestic violence with the tools needed to move forward.

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