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In general, men and youths mostly hunted large game, while women collected vegetable foods and hunted small game, such as lizards. Before Aboriginal life was transformed as a result of the European invasion, there were two basic patterns of movement. There was no consciousness of a shared national identity. As Aboriginal people understand it, the Dreaming beings retained control of all power and fertility, which they would release automatically into the human realm as long as humans followed their blueprint; this included the regular performance of rituals to ensure a continued flow of life-giving power. But, taking into account the overall relations between men and women and their separate and complementary arenas of activity in marriage and in other aspects of social living, women in Aboriginal societies were not markedly oppressed. In North Queensland, all promotions courses are combined into a single eight-day session held in December at Lavarack Barracks , Townsville.

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As girls approached their teens, they were expected to become providers, while boys had few responsibilities until initiation began. In various measures, Aboriginal societies exhibited both hierarchical and egalitarian tendencies, but they were classless; an egalitarian ethos predominated, the subordinate status of women notwithstanding.

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Sydney Olympics The Sydney Olympics in proved very succesful, the Olympics President Juan Antonio Sancharez even declared them the best ever, much to the surprise of many who had become very sceptical when one delay and stuff-up after the other was reported during the building process and even the chief organizer quit. An appreciation of all these forces is essential to an adequate understanding of Aboriginal social life. Friendships and temperament led many to bend the rules, and at times of heightened emotion, as during conflicts, some broke them; however, repeated flouting of kinship conventions brought censure , since it threatened the social structure. Although they were not free to marry immediately, even if they had reached puberty, they might do so after undergoing certain rites, such as subincision.

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