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Welcome to Courtney Gibbon and Jake Sievers's Wedding Website! We started dating the summer of "you guys don't realize how lucky you are to have each other.". May 19,  · Allason, velez-malaga.info is NOT a dating agency! It is for people with alternative lifestyles to contact each other for chat, exchange views etc Status: Resolved.

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With our system of Verified Correspondence you never have to wonder again. The letter is then given to one of our trusted local agency partners to interpret and deliver to your lady. With this service you can choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

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Remember, our correspondence is real and therefore, not everyone will be interested in corresponding with everyone. This information can only be exchanged during an in-person Webcam session in which the lady gives it to you directly. Important Requirement for All Verifications: All "verifications" require evidence that the lady is actually interested in corresponding with you.

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